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Sitges Hotels itges has a wide range of accommodation (Hotels, Hostels & Apartments). Dotted around town and the promenade, at the town end. These include: ‘Sitges Marina Aiguadolç‘ to the East end of the coast with Hotel San Sebastián Playa and Port Sitges Resort ‘San Sebastian Bay’ has one hotel, Hotel San Sebastián Playa On the promenade […]

Sitges Beaches

sitges beaches

Sitges Beaches Beaches Balmins Beach being developed in 1970’s First developments Read More Catalan Beaches for dogs near Sitges & Barcelona Pets on the beach. Read More Beaches Outside of Sitges Western Beaches Read More Beaches of Sitges Beaches by Location Read More

Sitges Marina

Sitges Marina Sitges ‘Port De Aiguadolç’ Marina has a wide range of venues  A wonderful place to stroll, eat, drink, dance and watch the boats of many sizes. Along with enjoy live music events throughout the summer. Marina offers: Many Restaurants of various kinds Various Bars & Pacha Nightclub Hotels at either end Walkway alongside boat moorings for […]

Sitges Events & Festivals

Sitges Events & Festivals Join Visit for Latest Sitges Info Sitges has a wide range of Festivals & Events Dotted around town & the promenade These include: Sitges Carnival  (fan site) Feb (Carnaval De Sitges Parade Floats & Live Music) Sitges Rallye (fan site) March (Parade of historic vehicles) Corpus Christi – often 2nd week in June (roads covered in […]

Sitges Restaurants

sitges restaurants Sitges has a wide range of Eateries & Restaurants (Including Hotel  Restaurants). Dotted around town, the promenade and along the coast. These include: ‘Sitges Marina Aiguadolç‘ with many restaurants ‘San Sebastian Bay’  with many restaurants Along the promenade opposite the sea, with fancy ones, below Sitges famous landmark Church Within the town and Sin Street (Pedestrian avenue with it’s late […]

Sitges Bars, Discos & Nightlife Sitges has a wide range of Bars and Discos (Clubs) Dotted around town, the promenade and concentrated in specific areas. These include: ‘Sitges Marina Aiguadolç‘ to the East end of the coast ‘San Sebastian Bay’ midway along The main ‘Town’, shopping district, past Sitges Church ‘Sin Street’ a pedestrian road of night bars , […]