Sitges Gay Info & Venues

Sitges Gay Info & Venues

Sitges is well renowned for it’s Gay Venues.
Offering more than just Gay friendly environments.

Some restrict clientèle to men only, especially during busy months.
But welcome women, when quieter.

There is one Lesbian bar in Sitges

Gay Sitges offers:

  • Businesses that are proud of their Gay ownership,,
    including various restaurants
  • Bars of many kinds, some with outside seating, to see the world go by
  • More risqué Gay bars & darkrooms, that cater for adventurous men
  • Several nightclubs, with foam & cruising nights
  • Drag queen & live entertainment that can appear anywhere!
  • Sitges Gay Pride in summer :

Map of Sitges Gay Venues



Book a ‘Drag Queen Cabaret Show’, in Sitges Barcelona: Sitges Live
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