Sitges Gay Pride

sitges gay pride

Sitges Gay Pride is a famous event bringing  over 300,000 party goers to Sitges, at it’s height.

A wild, colourful and noisy ‘Mardi Gra’ type carnival on the promenade and streets of Sitges. One of the world’s top 10 gay carnivals.

Over 7 days with amazing parades, shows and parties.

Sitges Carnival Carnaval Parade Photo Gallery


  • Parades are often on the Sun and Tue
  • Over 40 floats filled with beautiful people, young and old, of every persuasion
  • Drumming, sound systems bands and dancers
  • Scantily dressed dancers and audience, in colourful, wild and fun costumes
  • One of Europe’s safest, wildest, street carnival
  • Many stay out, right through to and after dawn
  • Sin street, the pedestrian road of bars, remains packed with costumed visitors well into the morning.
  • Sin street bars are fun, but can try to charge for entry (some years)