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Sitges Training

Sitges has a large number of independently run hospitality businesses, compared to many towns.  Such owners & managers are increasingly under pressure to widen their skills & source expertise, on a budget.

Training themselves & their staff often being the best solution.

The lack of work options, compared to a big city, can also encourage Sitgeans to become entrepreneurs & re-train.

In order to work locally, in such a wonderful environment.

Especially with the opportunities presented by the Internet.

Healthy activities are also suited to the climate & surroundings.
Recognising the waste of not participating, because of a lack of confidence or fitness.

Training opportunities include:

  • Graphic & Design Skills to develop an online presence
  • Technology & Social Media skills to market a business
  • Film & Photography skills (for business & fun)
  • Fitness & Relaxation (From just familiarisation to expertise)
  • Sport & Excitement (From just familiarisation to expertise)

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